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Pan Services


RB recharge is one Of the best Pan Services Provider in Kolkata ,It is another very important service in India – We Include it because we see people have to travel miles after miles for a PAN card we know it is not easy to get a pan card in villages across India. Now PAN card is mandatory for every Indian, They have to link their PAN card with Bank account, if you don't have any PAN card you don't be able to open a bank account, even existing bank account can be close for none linking of PAN card with bank account.

So we understand that, the pan card is mandatory, earlier it was for taxpayer not for the common Indian but in new senior it is for everyone, Because of that we as RB recharge includes PAN Service in our service. Any Indian can avail PAN Service from our retailers, they can rectify their existing PAN, can apply new PAN, can apply for ePan for immediate requirement.

By Providing PAN card service a retailer can earn money as a commission, we saw, because of insufficiency of PAN service Provider in Kolkata and its around cities and villages of West Bengal is very bad. Because of this insufficiency, common people have to pay Extra money, at least Rs 200 to 300 for a pan card. This scenario will be changed Now people can have their PAN card in reasonable rate from our retailers.